Healer's Hand Wooden Keychain

Healer's Hand Wooden Keychain

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This is a fairly well known image, borrowed from Native American solar pictographs. It is used most often today to symbolize the energy-emitting hand of a Reiki or other spiritual healer. Reiki is a New Age healing practice that involves the manipulation of energy by initiates through symbols, which are created by moving the hands in specified patterns over the body. The meaning of the pictographic form, which is found in many places in the southwestern US, is unknown, but with its solar spiral likely represents a Shaman’s powers.

Laser cut 1/4" Baltic Birch ply wood stained mahogany brown.

about 1.75 in x 1.75 in with a complimentary 33mm round keyring.

Makes a great keychain decoration, zipper pull or gift.